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With multi-room audio you can utilize that same stereo system, but have it running through discreet speakers, custom-installed, in each of your rooms. Each room will also have its own control panel that will allow you to control the amount of joyful music emanating from your newly installed multi-room audio system. Enjoy your favorite music from anywhere inside or outside of your home. Dad can blast his favorite rock band on the patio. Mom can exercise to her favorite station in the bedroom. The kids can play video games while listening to their iPod in the family room. We make sure all wiring and speakers are neatly concealed. You can even extend your music outdoors with weatherproof speakers. Once your multi-room audio system has been installed, you have the option to expand it at any time.


Thinking of implementing a theater system? If so, let Tennessee Valley design a theater or surround sound system that will truly expand your ability to enjoy music, movies, television and more. Our emphasis is on producing entertainment solutions of such amazing quality; our clients will forget about their day to day routines and become completely consumed by whatever they are viewing or listening to. Let us custom design a system for your specific needs today. pic-audio-video2


Home automation encompasses convenience, communications, entertainment, security, and information systems. Instead of operating a device with a physical switch from a specific location in the home, automation systems provide the ability to control every device from one location using a remote control or touch screen. The remote and touch screen can control household applications, such as lights, thermostats, fans, audio/visual, appliances, door locks, cameras, and more.Tennessee Valley offers a full line of flexible and feature rich automation systems. Every system is custom designed on a home by home basis so any desired features can be personalized to a client’s exact specification. Contact a Tennessee Valley Protection representative today.


Would you like to enhance your lifestyle and save time, energy and money without changing your daily routine? Tennessee Valley Protection has the solution! When you incorporate lighting control into your system you'll have centralized control of your lights from one user interface. You won't believe how easy it is to create lighting schedules so you're not left in the dark. When you trust Tennessee Valley Protection to enhance you lifestyle with lighting control you can rest assured you will come home to a well-lit home after a hard day's work. Lighting control is one of the ways that Tennessee Valley Protection can enhance your lifestyle while saving you time, headaches and money. Tennessee Valley Protection also offers several voice-activated solutions that make switches obsolete. Contact a Tennessee Valley Protection representative now to learn more about our lighting control solutions.